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Need Down Payment Assistance for your new home?

Looking for down payment assistance? If so then you have come to the right place!

The Down Payment Assistance Programs are a fast and easy way to help home buyers with money at closing for a no money payment mortgage and assistance for closing costs that buyers do not have to repay. Through down payment assistance and community redevelopment programs, Down Payment Assistance expands affordable housing opportunities not only to first-time home buyers but to all low to moderate income individuals and families who wish to achieve home ownership without having to put monday towards a home purchase. Additionally, most all gift funds assistance program providers are non-profit organizations that work to promote the value of owning a home and a strong foundation that supports lasting communities and individual prosperity.

For many potential home buyers, the large sum of money required for a down payment or closing costs is the single greatest barrier preventing people who dont have the money to put in from buying a home. Often times, these potential buyers have sound credit and can afford the monthly mortgage payments; they simply cannot save up the money required for a down payment. We have access to gift funds for payment assistance providers that will gift you money for the down payment if a home up to %20 of the loan amount The gift does not have to be repaid by the buyer. The payment assistance would be paid back from the seller of the home upon a full price deal you and your real estate agent negotiate with the seller. This makes it an attractive option to sellers since usually the buyer would pay full price for the home.

To participate in a down payment assistance program, a home buyer must contact us at 888-694-0455 and qualify for a loan that allows gift funds, and the home buyer must purchase a home from a builder or seller who has enrolled his or her home in the program. Enrolling is easy to do.

The home buyer should submit, through us, a gift program application at least 24 hours prior to settlement/closing. The funds will be wired to the settlement/closing agent on the day of settlement/closing. Upon settlement, builders/sellers pay a service fee to the down payment assistance program provider based on the program in which they participate

Typical Down Payment Assistance Program Benefits include the following:

  • No Out of Pocket Cost - No Down Payment
  • The Home Buyer Never Needs To Pay It Back
  • No Extra Qualifying or Home Education Required
  • Housing Grants For Up-Front Home Loan Expenses
  • Homes Sell 25 Percent Faster With No Down Payment
  • No Property Inspections, Warranties, or Certifications Down Payment
  • Same Day - Great Fast Down Payment Assistance Grants

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Down Payment Assistance

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